Q: Should I use Go live or Scheduled Broadcasts?

A: That depends on your event needs.

If you are going live quickly and do not need to share the event information, link, or stream key with collaborators, then you can use go LIVE to launch quickly.

If you would like to promote the link to your specific event, schedule an event.

When you schedule an event, you also have the option to share the RTMP information with a collaborator to simultaneously publish to your channel.

Q: Can I change settings on an event after it’s scheduled?

A: Yes you can easily adjust these defaults at https://www.youtube.com/live_dashboard under ‘BASIC INFO’.

Q: Do I need to go through all the steps to schedule an event each time?

A: No, most of the settings are sticky including Privacy Settings and Category.

Q: Can I use a custom thumbnail for live the same way I do for on demand videos?

A: Yes, you can upload a custom thumbnail for your live event. If you have any custom graphics they can be repurposed here to maintain consistent branding. https://www.youtube.com/live_dashboard.

Q: Can my audience see the Backstage Chat in the event Live Chat?

A: No, the Stage TEN Backstage Chat is for you to communicate with collaborators during the show privately. Treat it like a communication channel for your live event. The YouTube Live Chat is public facing and for audience engagement. We recommend using the YouTube moderator tools to help manage the conversation when live.

Q: How can I monitor my YouTube stream?

A: Within Stage TEN, you can monitor the quality of the stream you are sending to YouTube. After the event, you can see live stream metrics in YouTube Analytics. More information and metrics definitions can be found here.

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