Connecting to webcams, mobile phones, and better quality microphones to Stage TEN is easy, but you already knew that, didn't ya? However, did you know that you can also set up all your pro gear as well?

Pro Cams

DSLR cameras and other pro cams (like the Sony FS5) are a popular way to produce a great looking stream. The trick here is to use a DSLR with a ‘clean HDMI out’ signal. You can then connect the DSLR to the computer using a physical encoder. Our recommended encoders include:

  1. Black Magic Web Presenter

  2. Elgato Camlink (this guide will help determine if your DSLR will work with an encoder)

As long as your computer treats the connected pro cam as a webcam (which is why you’d use the encoder), then all your local and remote feeds will be in sync with each other.

Pro Audio

Mixing boards are a popular way to produce a great sounding stream. You’ll need an audio interface to connect the mixing board to your computer, which will then let you add the board as an audio source.

Audio sources can be changed in the Studio (see below) or by clicking ‘Add or Invite Feeds’ > Add Local Cam.

Guests can also adjust their audio or video source via the Stage TEN Connect performer interface by clicking the settings icon in the top right corner:

If you have questions about how to connect your pro camera or audio gear, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at or click the smiling chatbot icon.

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