Before scheduling your LIVE event, remember to setup your YouTube social connection on Stage TEN.

Enable your channel for live streaming

Step 1: Ensure you don’t have any restrictions from the past 90 days and that your channel is verified.

Step 2: Head over to and enable the live button. Step 3: Check to be sure your channel does not have any restrictions from the past 90 days and is verified. Go to and enable live.

NOTE: The LIVE feature can take up to 24 hours to appear.

There are two options for going LIVE on YouTube. Choose one best for your event.


If your YouTube account is already connected to Stage TEN Studio, your account will connected automatically once you log-in.

When you are ready to go LIVE, turn on the YouTube option under the Live Destinations using the toggle. Use the same toggle to turn OFF your live stream at the end of your event.

To get a share link for your broadcast click the icon beside the YouTube icon. If your broadcast is set to public, you can find the link on your YouTube channel) You can get the link to your broadcast here (or if it's set to Public, can find the link on your YouTube channel):


Pre-Schedule events allow you to:

  • Promote your broadcast ahead of time and get a larger audience. (Learn More)

  • Share the event information (Streaming URL and Stream Key) with YouTube collaborators to publish a stream to your channel.

There are multiple ways to set up your YouTube Live Event on YouTube, we find the following method the easiest:

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Click the camera icon and select 'Go Live'.

Step 3: Click 'New Stream', set your Stream Details, and click Create Stream.

Step 4: From Stage TEN Studio toggle ON and OFF for your custom scheduled event.

For more on how to Schedule your broadcast, see our YouTube Live FAQ

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