Basics & Setting Up

Basic Requirements

  • To use Rozy, you need a Shopify store with at least one product, and an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch (Android coming soon).

How do I set up Rozy?

  1. Install Rozy from the Shopify App store and create a free Rozy/STAGE TEN account. Rozy is powered by STAGE TEN.

  2. Create a Promotion for a product you want to sell

  3. Install Rozy on your iOS device from the Apple App Store and sign in with the same Rozy account you used in Shopify.

Using the Rozy app is easy, start by watching this 2-minute video of Tina teaching you the basics of navigating through the app.

How do I stream live on my store?

  1. In the Rozy iOS App, select the product you want to sell from the list of promotions you created in Shopify.

  2. Customize the broadcast’s title, duration, and sales target if you wish.

  3. In the broadcast screen you start out in set-up mode - you can see yourself, but your audience can’t see anything yet. You can now preview the image, clip and detail overlays that are there by default. If you want to change any of them, tap the gear menu to view your edit options, or press-and-hold the icons on the right.

  4. By default, all broadcasts go to a page on your Shopify store. You can also connect any desired social outputs for multistreaming.

  5. Tap the ‘share’ icon to share a link to the Rozy channel page on your store and let your community know you’re going live with a sale.

  6. Tap Go LIVE to start your stream.

  7. Congratulations! You are LIVE on your shop’s new Rozy channel, and any social outputs you enabled!

Will My Broadcast End Automatically?

  • The broadcast will continue until you hit the stop button. Even if your timer expires, you can choose to keep selling after the sales window ends.

Is Rozy free?

  • Rozy is free to install and use. We are supported by taking a small commission on orders placed through Rozy promotions.

Can I use Rozy if my shop has a custom domain?

  • Yes. Even if you have configured a custom domain, every shop still has a myshopify domain, for example <some-shop-name> Even if you have a custom domain, enter the myshopify domain when prompted during Rozy configuration.

Customizing the Rozy Channel Appearance

How can I change the title of the Rozy Channel page on shopify?

  • This is the title of your current Promotion. You can change the titles of all promotions in the Shopify admin, or you can change the title of your current promotion in the App using the Set up your Rozy screen.

Can I change the promotion details?

  • You can use the Set up your Rozy screen to customize your broadcast details before going live.

How Can I Enhance My Broadcast?

How can I make my Rozy rock?

  • Making your Rozy rock is all about connecting with your audience. Thank them, call them by name, address their questions and comments in real time, and let them know what’s cool about what you’re selling. When you connect with your audience, you develop a relationship. The more they feel a part of your broadcast and community, the more likely they will make a purchase.

  • You are what makes a Rozy special! Make your brand stand out with custom images, video clips and text overlays. You can use your product as a prop, maybe even attach a sweet mic to your phone or have someone host for you. Get as creative as you like. Rozy is designed for you to just pick up your phone and start broadcasting right away.

  • Remember to smile and be friendly while you’re live. You don’t need to be a polished presenter, just be yourself. Don’t be afraid to talk about any challenges with creating your broadcast during your broadcast. Ask the audience questions and learn from them as much as they learn from you!

Can I show images/videos in my Rozy stream?

  • Images: On the broadcast screen, tap the Image icon to show/hide a product image in your stream. Press and hold that image button to change the product image.

  • Videos: On the broadcast screen, tap the Video icon to play a pre-recorded video in your stream. Press and hold that video button to change the selected video.

Can I interact with my viewers?

  • When an audience member joins the chat, or if they leave a chat comment, you will see it on screen and be able to respond. Keep in mind you can use both the front and back facing cameras during your broadcast.

  • When someone makes a purchase, you will be notified with an alert in the chat, and can thank the customer directly. Each purchase moves you closer to your sales target which is reflected on screen. You can also choose to keep selling after the sales target is achieved (reaches zero).

Why is my camera mirrored?

  • Looking at yourself in the mirror feels natural, so when you stream with your front-facing (selfie) camera, we mirror the image. If you want to stream un-mirrored, you can use the rear-facing camera using the Change Camera button on the App’s broadcast screen.

How Do I Get More People to Watch My Live Streams?

Can I broadcast to my social media?

  • Yes. Tap the Simulcast Destinations icon on the broadcast screen to manage your connections for multistreaming.

  • Facebook and YouTube have slightly different ways to connect.

  • You can connect one Facebook account (which will let you stream to any Facebook page, profile, or scheduled event accessible by that account)

  • You can connect multiple YouTube accounts. Each account has a default “Stream Now” destination, and will display any additional streams/events you have pre-configured in YouTube’s live streaming dashboard.

How do I enable live streaming on my YouTube account?

  • Before you can stream live to YouTube for the first time, you need to go to YouTube’s live streaming dashboard and enable live streaming for that account. This is a request sent to YouTube, and is generally approved within 24 hours.

  • You won’t be able to stream to YouTube until your account has been enabled.

How can I leverage my other social followings?

  • Viewers on social media are a tool for pulling traffic to your shop. Remind them to join you on Rozy for the full experience, or to chat.

  • You can say things like “we’re only monitoring chat on our shop so come join us there to chat and purchase”

Can I customize the text in the social posts?

  • Yes. Before going live, select “Edit Description for Social Posts” to customize the text that will accompany your stream when it is posted to social media.

Can I share a link that goes directly to the stream on my Shopify store?

  • Yes. In the App’s broadcast screen, tap the Share button. Here you can share the link and discount code to anywhere supported by your iOS device (social media, email, text message, WhatsApp, Airdrop, etc).

What about Instagram?

  • Instagram’s Platform Policy only allows you to stream via the official Instagram app, without their express permission.

  • Although sketchy “solutions” are theoretically possible to force your way around this, violating Instagram’s user agreement would put your account at risk of getting permanently banned.

  • For this reason, neither Rozy nor other apps can currently stream directly to your Instagram feed, stories or IGTV, without express permission.

How can I leverage my Instagram following?

  • Use Instagram to promote your upcoming broadcasts. Remind followers that you’re about to go live, with posts & stories. You could also, for example, go live briefly on Instagram and tell your followers that you will soon be live on your Shopify store, and to go find you there for a special promotion.

  • You can also consider directing these valuable followers to cross over and follow you on other platforms, where direct streaming from Rozy is permitted.

Advanced Usage

Can multiple users stream to the same Shopify store?

  • Yes, but it requires a manual workaround, described here:

  • Only one account can be connected to the Shopify store at a time, and only that account will be able to login and see the shop’s promotions on the Rozy App.

  • In the Shopify admin portal, go to Rozy preferences, then Disconnect the current user. Now log in with the user who's device you want to enable streaming from. This user can now log in on their device, and will be connected to your shop channel.

  • We are working towards built-in multi-user support for a future release.

Can I access recordings of my broadcasts?

  • Some STAGE TEN accounts have access to viewing recordings. If you have subscribed to STAGE TEN and this is available at your subscription level you will also be able to see the Rozy broadcast recordings within the STAGE TEN admin interface.

Can I combine a Rozy stream with a Stage Ten stream?

  • Currently no.

  • We are working on integrating Rozy with STAGE TEN for more complex live commerce broadcasts.

Can I change the product I’m selling mid-way through a broadcast?

  • Currently no, but you can use this workaround:

  • To change products, stop the broadcast, select the promotion with the product you want to sell, and go live again. Watch for a future update with this feature.

Can I Sell Without a Discount?

  • Every live promotion must have an associated discount code, but you can make that a 0% or $0 discount if you’d like!

Can I request a new feature?

Yes! Please don’t hesitate to reach out on our contact page.

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