Using STAGE TEN to send an RTMP stream to your YouTube Live Event will allow you to start, stop, and restart your stream in STAGE TEN, all while maintaining your live broadcast on YouTube. (note: RTMP streaming available with a Professional or Enterprise plan) 

1) Go to

2) Click on Manage, then SCHEDULE STREAM to create a new stream.

3) Add title, description, category, set privacy, schedule your stream for later, upload custom thumbnail, and set audience settings then click CREATE STREAM

4) Here's where you'll find your newly created stream - click on your stream name.

5) Under stream key, use the pull down to open the menu and click Create new stream key

6) Add a name and description for your new stream key, then click CREATE

7) Your new stream key should now be selected. If it isn't, use the pull down menu and select it.

8) This is where you get the Stream URL and Stream key from YouTube, which you'll need in order to create the RTMP destination in your STAGE TEN account 

9) Log into STAGE TEN, click Setting > Manage Destinations > RTMP and then paste in the URL and Stream Key, and give your Destination a Name then press ADD

10) This will create an RTMP destination in STAGE TEN. Once you turn on the toggle, Stage TEN will start streaming to YouTube.

11) Once you turn on the toggle, go to the YouTube studio, and after a few seconds, you'll see your stream and you can go live to YouTube using the GO LIVE button

12) Using this method, if you stop streaming for any reason (internet fails, computer runs out of power, chrome crashes) you will not lose your broadcast. You can simply start streaming again from STAGE TEN. 

13) To end the stream, you need to click END STREAM (and then end the stream in STAGE TEN as well)

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