When we receive this question:

"I'm trying to connect to our youtube account. It says that we are not enabled for Livestream, but when I look at the youtube account, I am set up for LiveStream." 

It's almost always the case where a user is connected to one channel in STAGE TEN and to another channel in YouTube.

The easiest solution is to connect the channel you want (the one that IS enabled for live streaming) in addition to what's already connected.

Here's how you do it:

Note: start by logging out of youtube before going through this flow

  1. Go to Settings (gear icon) > Manage Destinations > YouTube

2. Click the Connect button - You will be redirected to Google Sign In

3. On the first Google sign-in page, titled "Choose an account", select your master account

4. On the second Google sign-in page, titled "Choose an account or a brand account", select the brand account or channel you'd like to stream to.

5. On the permissions page, click "Allow"

And, just in case: If you don't know which YouTube account/channel you're logged into, YouTube provides the following advice.

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