When you are notified that a participant has arrived, or you can see a participant join backstage chat:

But your participant doesn't appear in the line up:

This typically results from one of three situations:

1) Your participant is not using a Chrome browser or STAGE TEN's free iOS App

Ask your participants to use a Chrome browser on a laptop/desktop/android device when connecting. If on an iOS mobile device, have them download STAGE TEN's free CONNECT app.

2) Your participant has refused camera and mic access in Chrome

Participants must provide permission for STAGE TEN to access your camera and microphone. There are two ways to check:

Camera Icon

  1. Click the camera icon in the Chrome address bar

  2. Ensure that the "Always allow https://app.stageten.tv to access your camera and microphone" radio button is selected

  3. Click the "Done" button

  4. Reload the page

Site Information

In some conditions, the camera icon will not appear on the right side of the address bar. Instead, you can change permissions using the site information settings.

  1. Click on the lock icon on the left side of the address bar

  2. For the Camera setting, select "Allow"

  3. For the Microphone setting, select "Allow"

  4. Click the "x" to close the dialog

  5. Reload the page

System Permissions (MacOS Only)

In more recent versions of Mac OS, permissions for Chrome to access the camera, microphone, and screen (for screen sharing) need to be provided at the system level. To check your settings, perform the following steps. 

  1. Select  > System Preferences...

  2. In the system preferences, select Security & Privacy

  3. Select the Privacy tab at the top.

  4. On the left, select Camera and ensure the checkbox beside Chrome is selected

  5. On the left, select Microphone and ensure the checkbox beside Chrome is selected

  6. Reload STAGE TEN Studio in your Chrome browser

3) Your Participant is behind a Firewall

If your participant is in an office or school environment, their internet network may contain a firewall that is blocking video traffic. 

To determine if your participant is behind a firewall, have them run this test by going to the following link and pressing start:

They'll see either one or two video feeds of themselves. If there are two video feeds (as shown below), then there is no firewall. If there's only one video feed, then it's likely that there's a firewall in place.

If it appears there is a firewall in place, we offer advice on how your network administrator can allow the required video traffic.

4) If none of the above work for you, here are a few more things you can try:

  • restart computer (to make sure no other apps are using the cam) and try reconnecting

  • open an incognito chrome browser (to avoid any adblockers or other extensions that may be blocking video traffic) and try reconnecting

  • try connecting in firefox

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