Viewing Stream Information

Use the Stream Health Monitor in the STAGE TEN Studio to check the quality of your stream in real time.

You can find the Stream Health Monitor below the Live Monitor (shown below). 

To see the stream information, click on the health monitor icon. 

The information provided is:

  • Frame Rate in frames per second (FPS) - This is output frame rate from your STAGE TEN Studio.

  • Resolution - The resolution that is being output from your STAGE TEN Studio.

  • Live for - This is the amount of time you have been live to any of your output destinations.

Improving Frame Rate

Here is some information to help you achieve the best frame rate and resolution.

  1. Open STAGE TEN is a separate browser window and ensure it is always at least partially visible on the screen. If another browser tab or application fully covers STAGE TEN, the frame rate may drop significantly.

  2. Close all other non-essential applications.

Also read through the suggestions in the article:

How to Improve the Quality of your Broadcast on STAGE TEN

Improving Resolution

The current maximum resolution output from STAGE TEN is 1280 x 720. If your resolution is dropping below that, you may want to check your internet connection performance and the specifications of your machine.

STAGE TEN System & Internet Connection Requirements

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