STAGE TEN now gives you the ability to select from a variety of different layouts to use when creating scenes in your broadcast. Learn more about layouts here.

There are 15 free layouts to select from, plus an additional 20 that you can access with a paid account (24 with an enterprise account).

IMPORTANT: You cannot change available layouts during your broadcast. Selections must be made before the broadcast begins.


STEP ONE: CLICK the gear icon in the scene builder OR click settings (gear icon at top right) > Profile & Settings to get to the Profile & Settings page.

STEP TWO: SELECT your layouts using check marks

You can add or remove layouts. Once you've made changes, click the APPLY button.

You can select as many layouts as you want, but if the number exceeds your screen's ability to display them all, you'll need to scroll left and right to access them.

Your selected layout preferences will save from session to session.

Upgraded users can suggest new layouts using the Subscribers link on the profile and settings page. 

NOTE: You can scroll through layouts using the scroll button:

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