Note: Ensure that you do not completely obscure the STAGE TEN studio when you are broadcasting

Q: How do I start a broadcast on STAGE TEN?

A: To get started, create a STAGE TEN account (at and connect a social destination (like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, or Twitch). 

To start a broadcast, you must:

Create a Scene
Click the Pink -> Button
Click the Toggle Switch next to your chosen destination to go live

Q: How do I Create a Scene? 

A: You must create a scene to go live. 

Create your scene in the Scene Builder (large central box) by choosing a layout and then drag live feeds and/or assets to fill the layout. Once the layout is complete the Pink -> Button will activate / light up.

Q: How do I remove my Camera? Can I broadcast without it?

A: Use the X in the top right part of the card that contains your cam

You can broadcast your screen using screen share, or broadcast videos and images, or produce the broadcast while your participants are on screen (you can do this from anywhere, so you don't have to be in the same room.

Q: How can I invite guests to my broadcast?

A: Click the ADD OR INVITE FEEDS button
Click COPY to get the participant link
Send the link to your guests

Q: How can guests join the show?

A: Guests can join the show using a webcam or mobile device. They receive the participant link you send, click it, and follow instructions.
On computer, guests need to use the latest version of chrome. This GUIDE offers tips for guests using a computer/laptop.
On Mobile, guests using iOS need to download the STAGE TEN APP, while guests using Android use a chrome browser on their device. This GUIDE offer tips for guests using a mobile device.

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