To include source audio in your broadcast, third-party software is required. 

1. Install Virtual Audio Cable

Virtual Audio Cable allows you to use your system sound as a mic input to STAGE TEN.

2. Set Virtual Audio Cable as Your Output Device

To capture the sound from your system, you need to send your system sounds to the CABLE input. Because your system sound output is being sent to CABLE Input, you unfortunately will not be able to hear the sound through your headphones.

  1. Open “Windows Settings”

  2. Click “System”

  3. Click “Sound”

  4. Click the “Choose your output device” dropdown

  5. Select “CABLE Input (VB-Audio Virtual Cable)”

3. Setup STAGE TEN Screen Share

When sharing your screen from within STAGE TEN, you can use the CABLE output as your sound source. By doing this, your system sounds will be broadcast with your screen share.

  1. Click “Add or Invite Feeds”

  2. Click “Share your screen”

  3. Select the screen, application, or tab to share and click "Share"

  4. For the audio source, select “CABLE Output (VB-Audio Virtual Cable)”

  5. Click “Done”

Note: If you are screen sharing as a participant from the STAGE TEN Connect interface using Audio Virtual Cable, be sure to mute audio in the Connect interface. This will prevent sounds from feeding back through Connect into the broadcast.

4. Check Your Windows Audio Settings

Lastly, it is a good idea to check that your output device sample rates are set to be compatible with STAGE TEN.

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