Note: This is the fastest way to go live, but there are more features like screen share (for gaming and presentations), inviting guests (for interviews and talk shows), and support for images, videos, and custom graphics (to customize the look and feel of your broadcast). 

Note: Ensure that you do not completely obscure the STAGE TEN studio when you are broadcasting

You can learn more about these at or by clicking the speech bubble icon at the bottom corner of your screen.


STEP ONE: DRAG your local feed into the middle of the Scene Builder (the large central box that has layouts across the top).

STEP TWO: CLICK the Pink Button to move your Scene from the Scene Builder to the Live Monitor. 

STEP THREE: TOGGLE the Switch to broadcast LIVE to your connected destination! You can connect STAGE TEN to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, or Twitch.

You are now LIVE on your connected destination!

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