Use the Scene Builder to Create Scenes in STAGE TEN

This large central box with layouts across the top is the Scene Builder:

How to Build a Scene:

  1. Choose a layout from the top row. (choose the settings wheel on the right to customize your selection of layouts)

  2. Drag live feeds or media assets into the layout to fill it.

  3. A Scene is complete (or becomes 'Valid') when all sections are filled. You'll know your scene is complete because the --> button will turn PINK.

  4. You can use any live feeds and any media assets, in any combination, to fill a scene.

Example #1: Add a live feed to your Scene

Example #2: Add a media asset to your Scene

Example #3: Add both a live feed and a media asset to a Scene

Working with the Audio Bar and Overlay Bars

You may add persistent audio (audio-only) sources (from live video feeds, gameplay or video clips) in the box immediately below the Scene Builder.

To add Overlays, use the Overlay Bar:

For detailed instructions on how to use Overlays click here.

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