*Note: Ensure that you do not completely obscure the STAGE TEN studio when you are broadcasting. The best way to do this is to share by 'application' or 'google tab' and not by 'entire screen'.* (any questions, get in touch!)

STAGE TEN is an advanced production platform that gives you tools to create dynamic live streams on YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, or Twitter. 

You create your game stream on STAGE TEN, which then sends your broadcast to the destination of your choice.

Here are three steps to create a game stream (NOTE: each step contains a link with more information).

Screen Share your Gameplay:

While some users use tools like OBS or Elgato to send game feeds to STAGE TEN, the vast majority of users use Screen Share to create a game stream.

The first step in creating a game stream is to: add a Screen Share feed in the STAGE TEN studio.

Create a Scene:

Once you have your Screen Share feed, you must now create a Scene in order to broadcast your game play live.  

You can create your game stream without a face cam, or you can choose a layout that will show both your game play and your face cam.

Set up your YouTube Stream (if streaming to YouTube):

If you're broadcasting to YouTube, you'll want to choose the type of broadcast, and adjust your settings. 

Learn how to ADJUST SETTINGS FOR YOUR YOUTUBE BROADCAST if you plan to broadcast live to YouTube

How to Go Live:

Once you've created the Scene you want, you can now go live.  Note that this will take your live on your desired destination (social platform like YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, or Twitter).

Note: How to include Source Audio on your Game Stream

Chrome Screen Share does not pick up the source audio from what your sharing. You need to download third party software to include your game's source audio.

If you're using a PC, download Voicemeeter.
If you're using a Mac, download iShowU Audio Capture.

Once you've installed the 3rd party software, you must go to your computer settings and make sure your computer audio outputs to Voicemeeter or iShowU Audio Capture. 

Once complete, you should now be able to select Voicemeeter or iShowU Audio Capture as your audio source when setting up your Screen Share in STAGE TEN. 

Note: How to get Support



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