*Note: Ensure that you do not completely obscure the STAGE TEN studio when you are broadcasting. The best way to do this is to share by 'application' or 'google tab' and not by 'entire screen'.* (any questions, get in touch!)

Click the ADD OR INVITE FEEDS button

Click the Share your screen button

Select your audio source

Click the CHOOSE SCREEN button

Choose the screen you want to share and click the Share button
NOTE: Use the Application Window or Chrome Tab to find the screen you want to share


Go to System preferences and allow google chrome to record the contents of your screen in order to broadcast an application or entire screen.

What's next

After you set up a screen share, you'll need to create a scene and then go live

To create a scene, choose a layout from the top of the scene builder (the large central box in the studio)

Fill your layout with your screen share

You can add a camera feed, or media asset depending on which layout you choose

Once you have the scene you like, you can go live

Go live by clicking the pink -> button, and clicking START ALL

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