Step 1: Check Your Internet Connection Speed

We recommend a speed of at least 15 mbps.

Note: Ethernet connections generally perform faster and more stability than wifi or 4G/LTE.

Step 2: Check Your System Specifications

Overall, if your system is powerful enough for modern gaming, it should meet the STAGE TEN system requirements.

If you do not know how to check your system specs, here's a quick summary from WikiHow.

Note: It may be possible to use a less powerful system to create a Stage TEN broadcast. However, doing so may create quality issues with your output.

Step 3: Employ Best Practices

  • Always use the latest version of Google Chrome.
  • Turn off any ad-blockers - anything that blocks UDP traffic will create issues. 
  • Disable any VPNs in use, as they may throttle bandwidth between locations.
  • Close any extra browser tabs or windows.
  • Close any background applications.
  • Use the strongest internet connection available (ethernet > wifi).
  • If using a laptop, we recommend keeping it plugged in.
  • Using a headset will provide a better experience.

Step 4: Is there a Firewall in place?

If you're in a school or office environment, your network administrator may have put a firewall in place. 

Check our recommended Network Settings to resolve firewall issues

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