A step by step guide to setting up an OBS stream

  1. Download the latest version of OBS Studio here.

  2. Download and run Visual Studio 2013 Runtimes if necessary (you'll be prompted to do so), and then install OBS Studio.

  3. Use the Auto-Configuration Wizard:

  4. choose the 'optimize for streaming, recording is secondary' option

  5. Set the Base (Canvas) Resolution to: 1280x720

  6. Set FPS to: 30

  7. Set Stream Type to: Custom Streaming Server

  8. Enter the following in the Server field: rtmp://app-rtmp.stageten.tv/stageten

  9. To get the value that you need for Stream Key, follow these instructions here

  10. You'll get a stream warning if your using the OBS wizard, but it's safe to ignore - click yes.

  11. The system will come back with 'ideal settings' - click 'apply settings'

  12. this will end the Auto-Configuration Wizard.

  13. Click Settings

  14. Click Output

  15. Click the checkbox next to 'Rescale Output' (the value should be 1280x720)

  16. If your Video Bitrate is higher than 2000, please reset this number to 2000 

  17. Go to 'Output' and use the top option to select 'Advanced Streaming'

  18. Set the keyframe interval to '1' 

  19. Set the profile to 'baseline' and click Apply, and then OK

  20. If necessary, you can read further recommended settings here

Your settings should now be complete. You're now ready to send a feed to STAGE TEN. Follow these steps:

  1. There will be a default Scene listed under 'Scenes' - so do nothing here

  2. Under 'Sources' click the '+' plus button and select 'Display Capture' and click OK (you can select/deselect the 'capture cursor' box if you want your mouse cursor displayed or not.

  3. You should now see your OBS Studio display 'mirrored' in the main window. You can use the red outline controls to adjust the positioning of the Display Capture (ie if you want to show all of the display, or just part of it)

  4. Click 'Start Streaming' and your feed should appear in STAGE TEN's Feed Pool

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