In order to bring an RTMP feed into STAGE TEN, the director must generate an invite link from the STAGE TEN Studio.

Click on the invitation link and follow it in Chrome. Choose to connect via RTMP.

The stream key and RTMP server URL are listed here.

Use the Copy to Clipboard button next to Stream Key and RTMP server url to copy these values, and paste them into your RTMP encoder.

NOTE: Some encoders show only one field (typically marked as 'host', 'url destination', 'rtmp ingest' or the like, and may pre-fill 'rtmp://' in the field), in which case it's necessary to combine the RTMP server url and Stream key into one value, as shown in the example below:


This should allow you to stream your RTMP feed to Stage TEN. 

If it doesn't, look at your encoder settings. We provide recommended streaming settings for OBS (which should also work for your encoder) which can be found here.

NOTE: If the URL and Stream Key values don't appear on the page, you can click the Copy to Clipboard button to make the value available to paste into your encoder.

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