For best results, videos that will be used as part of a broadcast on STAGE TEN should be encoded to the following standards:

File type: MP4 or WebM

Video Codec: H.264

Video Codec Profile: Baseline

Video Codec Level: 41

Video Codec Keyframe Interval: 1 keyframe/second

Video Codec B-Frames: 0

Video Codec bitrate range: 1500 - 4000 Kbps aka 1.5 - 4.0 Mbps

Video Resolution (Maximum): 1280x720 (720p)

Video frame rate: 30 FPS

Audio Codec: AAC

Audio Codec Profile: LC

Audio Channel format: Mono (aka single channel)

Audio sample rate: 48000 

Audio bitrate: 96k-160k

Make sure that your video clips have an audio channel, even if there is no sound.

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