All directors and participants MUST use the latest version of Google Chrome.  

How to update Chrome: 

  1. Open Chrome
  2. Click the Chrome menu/ About Chrome or the  three vertical dots in the upper right corner and Click/Hover over Help and select ‘About Google Chrome’
  3. This will open a new tab and immediately start updating latest Chrome version
  4. Once updated, Chrome needs to be relaunched

The first response to anyone not able to join the stream is to ask what type of browser they are using (STAGE TEN only supports Google Chrome), and what version (MUST be the latest version).

BIG KEY #2: All non-essential apps & tabs should be closed on any computer running STAGE TEN.  Make sure that computer meets the minimum system requirements.  Find these and other info at:

BIG KEY #3: If using OBS, run OBS on a separate computer

Also, when using OBS, the STAGE TEN Connect perfomer interface (the tab that opens when you click the invite link / where you get your url and stream key) MUST remain open for the stream key to be valid.

Note: our recommendation is that OBS is not opened on the same computer as STAGE TEN Studio or STAGE TEN Connect.

BIG KEY #4: NEVER have two STAGE TEN Studios open at the same time

If you’re going to ‘handoff’ between two computers, you must completely close the current version of the STAGE TEN Studio before starting the new version.

BIG KEY #5: Avoid Feedback.  If any participant is hearing “double audio”, “audio feedback”, “audio echoing” or any audio they should not be hearing, we have two suggestions:

  1. Wear Headphones
  2. Close or MUTE any tab that is playing any audio or video (like when a phone-in caller to a radio show is told ‘turn down your radio’)
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