How to Create your own Custom Overlays on STAGE TEN

Image Overlays

When building your overlays save your files as transparent PNGs to the sizes specified below using your favourite image creating program. 

PNGs support the use of transparency which allows you to see the broadcast behind the overlays depending on the opacity chosen while creating the graphics.

JPEGs can be used if you don't need transparency in your overlays.

To view overlay examples you can download a package of sample overlay files by clicking here.

Video Overlays

You can build video overlays - lower thirds and watermarks are supported.

Video overlays must meet the following specifications: 

  • MP4 format
  • 30 FPS
  • 1 keyframe/second
  • must contain no audio

Overlay Size Specifications

Video encoding standards

Make sure that any video clips you add in STAGE TEN meet these standards.

For best results, videos that will be used as part of a broadcast on STAGE TEN should be encoded to the following standards:

File type: MP4 or WebM

Video Codec: H.264

Video Codec Profile: Baseline

Video Codec Level: 41

Video Codec Keyframe Interval: 1 keyframe/second

Video Codec B-Frames: 0

Video Codec bitrate range: 1500 - 4000 Kbps aka 1.5 - 4.0 Mbps

Video Resolution (Maximum): 1280x720 (720p)

Video frame rate: 30 FPS

Audio Codec: AAC

Audio Codec Profile: LC

Audio Channel format: Mono (aka single channel)

Audio sample rate: 48000 

Audio bitrate: 96k-160k

Make sure that your video clips have an audio channel, even if there is no sound.

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