NOTE: In order to use Screen Share, you must use the latest version of Chrome. These instructions apply to Chrome version 72 or later.

NOTE: Using Screen Share from the STAGE TEN Studio replaces your default performer cam (if you want to appear on screen as well you can add another cam feed of yourself using the process described here: How to Participate in a STAGE TEN Broadcast

Types of Screen Share:

Screen Share - Tab allows you to share what's on a second Chrome tab

Screen Share - Desktop allows you to share what's on your Desktop 

Screen Share - Application allows you to share another application (ie presentation or gaming software)

Note: Sharing your desktop is not recommended, since when you use the STAGE TEN Studio, that's what will show on the screen share.

How to Select Screen Share:

Go to the top left of the Studio and select the downward triangle next to your local feed's webcam input 

Change your feed to the type of Screen Share you want

Each Screen Share type will then allow you to make a selection of what you want to share

Now, you can use your Screen Share feed like any other feed, and drag it into the Scene Builder

NOTE: You can only change your local feed video source when that source is NOT in use (in the Scene Builder or Live Monitor). To change source, take an alternate source live, and then make the change your local feed video source.

NOTE: When using Screen Share - Tab make sure you open what you want to share in a separate Chrome window - you should avoid switching tabs to and from the STAGE TEN Studio in a single Chrome window

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