Get a Stage TEN stream key with an invite link

To generate a stream key, you will need an invite link from a Stage TEN director. Director's invite can be copied from the + button at the top left of the Stage TEN Studio interface.

Click on or paste the invite link in your browser.

Scroll to the bottom of the Stage TEN performer client.

Click & Copy the Stream Key and URL and Paste them into the appropriate fields in ReLIVE's custom streaming option.

Note: You have to keep the Stage TEN performer client open until you are finished streaming in order to keep the stream key value valid.

Set up Radeon Relive

Open the Radeon ReLive client

Click ReLive

Click 'Streaming'

Enable Custom Stream

In Server URL, add: rtmp://

In Connection Key, paste the Stage TEN stream key value you copied from the Stage TEN participant interface.

Configure Radeon ReLive for best results with Stage TEN

Streaming Profile: Custom
Streaming Resolution: 720
Streaming Bitrate: 2.5 Mbps
Streaming FPS: 30
Audio Bitrate: 128 kbps

Start your stream by pressing CTRL + SHIFT + G

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